Special Thanks to......

We are especially thankful to the following organizations that have provided a way for Arizona Horse Lovers Park to continue...

Virginia Piper Charitable Trust 2012 $25,000
Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation 2011 $20,000
Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation 2012 $20,000
Arizona Horse Lovers Foundation 2013 $20,000

A special thanks to these folks that have donated key items to keep this park operational ...

4-H'ers - Donation...click HERE to see the Bridle & Bit article
Joe Viera
- weed eater

Dahlstrom Family - for the computers, office supplies and furniture
Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets MC Club Chapter E - for our American flag and POW/MIA flag
Chris Misker - for purchasing our web site
Jeffrey Wilms Training & Management - for the Roto Harrow (we love it)
Lutz Plumbing - for park plumbing maintenence
Maureen Hopkins - for park signs
Steve Glick - for supplies and repairing our damaged announcer booths
Frankie Eklund - park supplies

Sheryl Gethner - reproduction of forms as needed
Patty & Bill Weikart - golf cart

And special thanks to these folks that go above and beyond to help keep this park open and running ...

Charlie Brown - for his continued work on the grounds/arenas
Terri Ruhter
- for her continued work on the grounds/arenas and volunteering in every aspect when needed
Courtney Ruhter - park grounds and event prep volunteer and created aluminum can drive to raise money for HLP
Lisa Joyce
- for creating our site and continuing to maintain and update it for our members also trail clinic volunteer
Mary Reid
- runs trail clinics for HLP - fundraising
Sharon Cervantes - park grounds, event prep and take down and trail clinic volunteer

Maxine and Katie Jones - park grounds and office volunteers on Thursdays and weekends and during special events
Monica Henderson - accounting assistance and 501c.3 filing
Frank Herzog - office volunteer

Thank you for donating to Horse Lovers Park
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